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What’s up with WhatsApp For Business?

So what’s up in the business world? WhatsApp For Business is what’s up!

We all use WhatsApp on a daily basis to keep in touch with family & friends, so why not take it a step further and use it as a means of communication for business and allow for connection between companies and consumers? Well it’s happening real soon The Facebook-owned platform is soon to roll out its business app for Android to South Africa. This is definitely a business trend that will drive success in 2018. So you might want to read further and get on board this growing trend!

The app allows for you to have a business presence on WhatsApp and some of the features include:

  • Business Profiles: Create your business profile with valuable information for your customers such as website, location, & contact details.
  • Messaging Tools: Save time with smart messaging tools — Quick replies let you save and reuse messages you frequently send so you can easily answer common questions in no time, and use away messages to let people know that you’re busy.
  • Messaging Statistics: Get insights and review simple metrics like how many of your messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read.
  • WhatsApp Web: Respond more efficiently to your customers by using WhatsApp Business on your desktop.
  • Account Type: You will be listed as a Business Account so people will know they are talking to a business. You will be able to run both WhatsApp Messenger & WhatsApp Business on the same phone as long as each app has its own unique phone number.

WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool which allows you to utilise the app for customer support, customer communication, marketing & promotions or even just internal communications between the staff in your company.

Will you be making use of this cost effective app for your business?