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How To Sell Your Boss On PPC Marketing

It may be the year 2017, but many businesses, whether big corporates or small family-owned companies, remain reluctant to turn to Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

Digital Marketing Audience Target

Some believe traditional billboard, newspaper, radio or television marketing is still better value for money. Heck, some still flush their budget down the Yellow Pages drain.

Whatever the reason, many business owners feel their companies are just not ready to dip their toes into the PPC waters, fearing it is still too murky.

However, they are missing out on a big opportunity to grow their businesses.

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

It Does What It Says On The Tin

No, really. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Instead of spending thousands on a radio ad and then hoping an interested client actually tunes into the right radio station, you only part with your cash once a potential customer clicks on the ad.

Platforms To Suit Your Needs

Google may be the biggest PPC platform out there, but that doesn’t mean it is tailored to the product or service you are selling.

Maybe you want to do business to business advertising and want to target certain industries, then LinkedIn could be your go-to platform.

Or maybe you want to target newly engaged couples who are looking for the perfect venue for their wedding. Then you could turn to Facebook as their demographic targeting is second to none.



Results Are Measurable

Can you really measure PPC marketing? Yes, through tools like Google Analytics you can track anything from ad impressions, clicks, cost per click, budgets, best performing keywords, locations to conversion tracking.

So if a certain campaign is not getting the right results through AdWords, then you can always redirect that cash into something that is paying dividends.

Google Analytics

Reach The Audience You Want

Instead of splashing big bucks on a billboard and then hoping those interested in your product a) drives by it b) sees it when they flash by in their car and c) remembers to take action once they get out of the car, you can actually make sure you target the audience that is interested in your product.

PPC gives you the flexibility to use keywords, location settings, device settings, demographic targeting, to name just a few, to get to the market you want.

You Have Total Control Of The Budget

You not only have the ability to decide your overall budget, but you can also set daily budgets, campaign budgets, maximum cost per click on a keyword, etc.

The system also allows you to change budgets at any time.


As you can see, PPC Advertising has plenty of benefits but getting your boss to change his or her mind is not always easy.

Metis, though, has years of experience in making sure our clients sign up for the best service for their company.

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