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A career in vlogging or a professional Iger? No, really

A lot of people dream of becoming a professional Instagrammer or a vlogger. So as part of some light-hearted Friday fun (it has been a long week) we have gathered hacks, some of them tongue in cheek, from trusted sources and not so trusted sources.


Jen Selter Pro Iger

Jen Selter – professional Iger with more than 11m followers

Imagine travelling the world all-year round, posting pictures on Instagram and you get paid for it.

Heck, some people are reportedly getting paid six figures to post their images on the social network!

Or maybe you like talking about random stuff and actually enjoy being filmed whilst doing it. And yes, you also get paid for it.

Most adults would give an arm and a leg to get paid to do something they are passionate about.

Kids as well. A recent study conducted by UK travel firm, First Choice, shows that kids no longer dream of becoming doctors or scientists, and instead want to become travellers, focus on their YouTube channels and become professional DJs.

A survey of 1,000 children between the ages of 6 and 17 found that 34.20 per cent of kids want to be YouTuber when they grow up. Vlogger is next best with 18.10 per cent.

As you can see there’s definitely legs to this story and if you read our YouTube piece about online advertising, you will know that the video site is growing at a rapid rate.

Shane Vlogger

Shane – one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube


We’ve managed to source some useful hacks from The Guardian on how to get to the top.

The “career guide” includes everything from needing a cool haircut, the latest iPhone or Apple product (if you can keep up!) to the salary you can expect when you start out.

If being filmed is not your cup of tea, then perhaps you should consider getting behind the camera – or even in front of it – and become a Pro #Iger*. Because that’s a thing now!

Of course, you need some good photography equipment, but sometimes the latest iPhone/smartphone is also good enough. Just don’t forget to hashtag everything that you can think of: #apple #iPhone #iPhone7 #SamsungGalaxyS8 #LoveMyJob

But you also need to be smart about the images you take and when you post them. has all the tips while has some advice on things like how to find your niche and build an audience.

Lauren Bath Pro Iger1

Lauren Bath – Australia’s first professional Iger


There you have it. Doing something that you love doesn’t have to be a pipedream, just ask those of us working at Metis . Yes, the bonus for writing that is apparently on the way :)

And on that positive note, we wish you a happy weekend :)

* #Iger is short for Instagrammer and it is the largest International Instagram community in the world. And now you know.

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