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Don't get left behind, Metis can keep you on everyone's mind ahead of Black Friday and Xmas 2017.

Is your business ready for the busiest shopping day of the year, aka Black Friday? 

Make sure your customers know you have Black Friday and Christmas deals by running special campaigns through Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube ahead of the big days.

Paid Per Click  ADVERTISING...

 is much more than just a lead generator as it can give your other Digital Campaigns a fillip. 

From Facebook Ads to creating sponsored content on LinkedIn to special campaigns on Google AdWords, Metis can give your business a big #BlackFriday and #Xmas boost.

Black Friday, which takes place on November 24 this year, traditionally marks the start of the holiday shopping season as consumers are generally in full shopping mode from then until Christmas Eve. 



Did You Know?  THAT...

Black Friday 2016 "saved South African retail from disaster"? NKC African Economics economist Elize Kruger told Business Day Live that the economy recovered in November 2016 due to Black Friday.

Facebook data has also shown that it is now "South Africa’s busiest online shopping day of the year" with Business Report confirming record sales last year with many places offering significant discounts.

And if you are still not convinced if you be running specials then here is another piece of information for you. South Africa's leading catalogue promotions aggregator, Guzzle Media, revealed that 126,413 people visited their website on Black Friday 2016 and each user visited 11 pages on average for a total of 1,3 million catalogue views.

Still unsure if your business should get in on the act?

You can also jump on the Black Friday and Xmas bandwagons. Get in touch with Metis today. 

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