Cha-ching! Google and Facebook rolling in the ad money

If you are still skeptical about the magnitude of Google and Facebook’s global advertising dominance, then their latest projected revenue will definitely change your mind.

Google Search

Both companies have been making headlines for the wrong reasons in recent weeks with Google being in hot water as its parent company Alphabet has been told to cough up $2.7 billion over search engine results while Facebook could be hit by a big fine in Germany over hate speech.

But those penalties are a mere drop in the ocean for the two tech giants as reports that the latest PriceWaterhouseCoopers Entertainment and Media Global Outlook forecasts that Google will make $80.8 billion from global ads this year. Yes, you read that right, it’s $80 billion.

Facebook maybe be lagging behind in second place, but the social media company will earn roughly $36.3b in 2017.

Facebook screen

To put it into perspective, Google’s ad revenue this year will be the same as the revenue from all print ads around the globe combined, while Facebook’s $36.3b is nearly as much as the revenue from radio ads globally. Wow, mind blown.

And yes, you guessed it, mobile advertising is the big force behind the rise of Internet advertising as it grew by a staggering 58.7% over the past year.

Other interesting stats from the PwC report:
– TV advertising revenue to grow from $70.6b in 2016 to $75.2b in 2021
– Internet access revenue to grow from $140.3b in 2016 to $189.8b in 2021
– Magazine revenue to grow from $30.2b in 2016 to $30.5b in 2021
– Newspaper revenue to drop from $29.6b in 2016 to $23.9b in 2021
– Radio revenue to grow from $22b in 2016 to $24.1b in 2021

If you were still hesitant about advertising through Google and Facebook before this piece, then surely the above figures will have changed your mind so contact or phone us at +27 83 233 5455 and let’s get your online advertising going!

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