LinkedIn ups their game with Matched Audiences

LinkedIn rolled out its latest feature, Matched Audiences, a few weeks ago and many believe the new tool will give B2B advertisers a big boost.


Whereas the likes of Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter have allowed marketers to target users via their email addresses for years, it has taken LinkedIn until now to finally catch up.

In case you didn’t already know, LinkedIn allows advertisers to target members by company, industry, seniority, skills, titles, and more.

But you can now also add account targeting, contact targeting and website retargeting to the list.

Account Targeting
With nearly 12 company pages on LinkedIn, this opens up a whole new market as you can target people based on the company they work for. Simply upload a CSV list of company names and allow the algorithms to do their magic and voilà, you can reach the decision makers at the companies you want.

Contact Targeting
Hit the bull’s eye with your perfect audience as you can upload CSV lists of email addresses and contact lists.

It allows you to create ads that hit home and, of course, you can exclude the customers who have already bought your product or service.

Website Targeting
If you are familiar with AdWords Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting, then you can see why marketers are excited about this one finally being available on LinkedIn.

By installing a unique snippet of code on your site, you can finally create target audiences from your website visitors. Once your list is complete you can produce ad content based on the pages that users visited on your site.

LinkedIn Matched Audience

LinkedIn, of course, conducted their homework before the launch and it found that those who used Matched Audiences saw a:

– 30% increase in CTR and a 14% drop in post-click cost-per-conversion with Website Retargeting,
– 32% increase in post-click conversion rates and 4.7% drop in post-click cost-per-conversion with Account Targeting, and
– 37% increase in click rate (CTR) with Contact Targeting

As you can see, the numbers certainly back up the new feature so there is no reason why it can’t work for your business. For more info, contact us via email ( phone us at +27 83 233 5455.

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